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Trios by Ignaz and Anton Böck

10 Trios for 2 Horns and Euphonium
or 3 Horns

These trios were originally scored for two horn and a bass instrument like a cello. I have arranged them for three horns or two horns and a euphonium. The first trio is probably an introduction indicating that they might have been played in succession.

Ignaz and Anton were brothers. Ignaz was born in 1754 and Anton in 1757. They were born on a farm in Ragensburg, Bavaria, which is in southwest Germany. They both studied horn with Joseph Vogel, a renowned horn player of the time. They then performed in many countries including Germany, Denmark, Russia, Italy, France and others until 1790. Tthey became court musicians in Munich. They played public concerts until at least 1814.


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Böck Trios - Book Set

Böck Trios - Horn 1

Böck Trios - Horn 2

Böck Trios - Horn 3

Böck Trios - Euphonium 3


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Böck - Ten Trios
Three parts books
H1, H2, Euphonium 3/Horn 3