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Dauprat Mélodie, Opus 25


Louis François Dauprat (1781 - 1868) wrote this beautiful piece for two natural horns and piano. The original manuscript is written for natural horns in F and Eb, and piano. The work starts with a recitative for Horn 1 followed by a recitative for Horn 2 both with piano accompliment. Next comes a short passage that ends with a short cadenza for Horn 1. The main body of the piece follows with beautiful melodies. The recitatives were written in a sketchy fashion in the manuscript. I put some structure in them for this publication. The recitatives should be interpreted by the performers with great freedom. The included simulated performance is intended as a very rough guide.

This publication comes with parts books for Horn 1, Horn 2, and piano. The horn books contain two versions of the parts. The first version is the part with some cues and has only one page turn. The second version shows both horn parts on two staves and is intended for use while getting familiar with the piece. All three books include a copy of the original manuscript at the back. This might prove helpful in interpreting the recitatives. A DVD is included with MP4 video performances of the work. Some with selected parts muted as a practice aid.

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Dauprat Mélodie - Book Set

Dauprat Mélodie - Horn 1

Dauprat Mélodie - Horn 2

Dauprat Mélodie - Piano


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Dauprat - Mélodie
Three parts books
H1, H2, Piano and DVD