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Louis François Dauprat Sextets

Louis François Dauprat wrote six Sextets for horn. These were all composed for natural horn. The first three parts are labeled "Premiers Cors". The other three parts are labeled "Seconds Cors". The higher horns originally ranged above high "C" because the natural horns were much shorter, pitched in high "C", "A" or "Bb". I lowered the pitch in most of the sextets by one tone. This kept the highest notes at high "C" and also reduced the number of accidentals. I could not lower the pitch futher because the lower horns would go too far below low "C". A group of natural horns often extend the range beyond the comfort range of the modern horn. The first page of the original manuscript precedes each sextet in each part book. Each Sextet part has many cues and there are no bad page turns. There are six parts books: Horn1, Horn 2, Horn 3, Horn 4, Horn 5 and Horn 6/Euphonium 6. The sixth part is particularly active in these sextets and very important.

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Dauprat Sextet Book Set

Dauprat Sextet No. 1, Horn 1

Dauprat Sextet No. 3, Horn 1

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Louis François Dauprat
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Louis François Dauprat

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Listen to these wonderful horn sextets as played by a group led by Michael Höltzel.

Höltzel has founded various chamber music ensembles, such as the Detmolder Hornisten, Gran Partita Detmold, and Detmolder Serenadenensemble. Several of his CDs have been issued by the MDG label, including Le Grand Sextuor by Dauprat with his Detmolder Hornisten and Romantic Music for Horn and Piano with Friedrich Wilhelm Schnurr.

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And now that you have heard a group of professionals play these sextets, I have arranged for you to listen to each sextet in turn while you Follow the Music on a Sibelius-created score.  Just click on the buttons below.  As you will see:  The scoring is classical.  The harmonies are rich.  Melodies and counter-melodies move around in the group.  Everyone gets to play the solo line.

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Dauprat Sextets
6 Parts Books: Horn 1, Horn 2,
Horn 3, Horn 4, Horn 5,
Horn 6/Euphonium 6