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Gallay - 22 Etudes, Opus 58

Melodic Fantasies - Transcribed for Euphonium

Jacques François Gallay (1795 - 1864) Gallay was born in Perpignan, France on December 8, 1795. Gallay received horn lessons from his father at age 10. Four years later he made his debut as soloist for François Deviennes opera, Les Visitandines. in the theater of Perpignan. His father denied him further study but in 1820 he began study with Louis François Dauprat at the Paris Conservatoire. He spent one year with Permians Prix and then was a member of several Paris Orchestras. He was the successor to Dauprat as Professor of Horn (natural horn) at the Conservatory and had this job until 1864. He died in Paris on October 18, 1864.

This is a collection of etudes for horn by Gallay. They were originally restored from the manuscripts by Edmond Leloir. These Etudes have been transcribed for Euphonium. They are the key of C, bass clef. They are a fourth lower in pitch than the Horn version. I don't have good sampled sounds for Euphonium so the Horn version is substituted for listening.

Gallay Etudes

Gallay etudes_eup


Listen to the Gallay Etudes played on a French Horn


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Gallay Etudes
Opus 58, Euphonium
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