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Horn Mute Stand - "The Mute Crib"

I am a horn player and prefer to have my straight mute on the floor, small end down. This works fine the first time but it is difficult to set it down quickly and have it stay upright when playing. I finally found a solution, the Mute Crib. It will hold one or two mutes, folds flat and doesn’t slide on the floor. The Mute Crib measures 9” by 5 ¾” by ¾” when folded. The posts are automatically secured in the folded position. The posts raise easily and are secured in the upright position automatically. While the Mute Crib was designed for the Horn it will work with other mutes of similar size. The posts are ¾” in diameter and 4 ½” high.  They won’t work for trumpet mutes. There is a sturdy hand strap for carrying or perhaps hanging on the mouthpipe. There are vinyl pads on the bottom so that it won’t slide easily.  I make them in poplar, oak, and maple. They are all made from hardwoods, the poplar is lighter (10.2 oz), oak a little heavier (14 oz), and maple is the heaviest (15.6 oz). The mutes are shown in the pictures to illustate how the Mute Crib is used, the Mutes are not included.

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