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Humple et al - 21 Duets for Horn

This set of duets was first published about 1760. The original cover is shown here. The duets were composed by four Humple French Horn Duetspeople; Mr. Humple, Mr. Rathgen, Mr. Seibst and Mr. Dauche. There is little other information available. Since the valved horn did not exist at the time it is assumed that the duets were for natural horn. Pieces involving natural horn often span a wide range going very high and also very low due to the wide range of crooks. The players usually chose to be high horn players or low horn players. The high horn players used a smaller diameter mouthpiece than the low players. These duets appear to be for two high horn players with much of the playing above the staff. I have transposed most of them down a fourth to suit the modern double horn. The duets in the original keys are also included. The duets are all quite short and not very difficult. A second part for Euphonium is also included.

These are charming duets and well worth a listen.

Humple Duets Cover
Humple Duet 14
Humple Duet 3
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