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30 Horn Duets by Henri Kling

Henri Adrien Louis Kling ( Paris , February 15 1842 - Geneva , May 2 1918 ) was a French composer , music educator , conductor , organist and a horn player . His father Ludwig Christoph Klingenberg was fromGermany and his mother, Claudette, born Remy, came from France .

These duets are very nice and not very difficult. Henri Adrien Louis Kling was born on Februrary 15, 1842 in Paris, France and died on May 2, 1918 in Geneva, Switzerland. He was a horn Klingplayer, composer and conductor. Kling spent most of his career as professor of horn at the Geneva Conservatory begining in 1865. With one exception the duets go no higher than the G above the staff and no lower than G below the stave. Duet number 26 is the exception reaching the Ab above the stave and having 4 flats. This duet also has a transposed version to make it easier for a less advanced player.

This publication includes a substitute second part for euphonium. It comes as a two book set. One book is for Horn 1 and Horn 2. The second book is for Horn 1 and Euphonium 2. This way each player can have his own book. They don't have to share a music stand with either choice of instruments.


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Kling Duet Book
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