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"Auf dem Strom" - by Franz Schubert

for Soprano or Tenor, Horn and Piano

Transposed down to D Major


schubert"Auf dem Strom" opus 119, was composed for Voice and Piano with Horn obligato. The original work is in E Major. This transposition is based on a suggestion by Dale Clevenger, former principal horn of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. In addition two substitute parts for the vocal part are included. The first is for an instrument in the key of C like a Flute or Oboe. The second is in the key of Bb for an instrument like a Clarinet.

There are three books in the set: Piano, Horn, Voice with the substitute parts. The voice part is formated so that there are no page turns within a phrase.

There is also a companion CD with videos of the music. you can watch the music and play or sing along while listening.The videos are (1) Piano accompaniment, (2) Flute (voice substitute) and Piano, (3) Flute Horn and Piano and (4) a special video for voice accompanied by horn and piano (Auf dem Strom in D horn and piano.mp4). The singer can practice while following the score on the computer. The CD has been tested with PC's an Mac's. These videos are intended as a practice aid.

Watch the video for voice, (Auf dem Strom in D horn and piano.mp4).

You can click on button at the right end of the control bar and watch full screen,press <Esc> to return. The 10 second delay gives you have time to get set before the music plays.

Listen to "Auf dem Strom"
Richard Lewis, Tenor; Dennis Brain, Horn; Ernest Lush, Piano.

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