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Horn Sheet Music Shipping

We realize shipping can be very expensive, particularly to international customers. We ship by USPS Priority Mail in three different packages. When you check out, the smallest package is selected for the purchased items. You can save money by filling a particular package size as full as possible. Several people can combine orders and split the shipping costs. Here are some examples of what will fit in each of the packages.

Flat Rate Envelope: 1 score (small), 1 Trio (small), 1 Mute Crib

Medium Flat Rate Box: 1 Gumbert 4 Book Plus Set (20 parts books), several Trios etc.

Large Flat Rate Box: 2 Gumbert 4 Book Plus Set (40 parts books)

If you have any questions or know of a better way to ship please contact us. We will try to work with you.

Ed Shenk

Return Policy

We do not accept returns unless the product is defective. Minor notation errors do not constitute a defective product. Contact us at and we will try to find an acceptable solution.


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